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A delicious blend of fortified white wine, orange and spices.


One of the great traditions is the aperitif – the time to relax, reflect, watch the world go by and prepare your taste buds for what is coming up next.

We are thrilled to put a distinctly Australian flavor on the aperitif. CORRELL, named after our vivacious mother who, like us embraced this wonderful tradition, is made from a secret blend of fortified wine, orange & spices. We recommend serving it chilled, over ice or in a CORRELL cocktail, in the company of family & good friends. Enjoy CORRELL responsibly. Wine based aperitif.



Correll was the third daughter born to Connie & Arthur Jackson of Rutherglen.  They were delighted to have a healthy baby but had been hoping for a boy. Not having chosen a girl’s name, they gave the nursing sister the honour of naming their bundle of joy.  The rest is history!



CORRELL is a wine-based blanc aperitif made from a secret blend of fortified wine, orange & spices. 18.0% Alc. Vol., cellaring none.

Enjoy it chilled, over ice, as a spritzer or in a CORRELL cocktail, in the company of family & good friends.

Serve Chilled
17.0% Alc. Vol.
750ml 25.4 fl. oz.

$38.00 /bottle
$216.00 /6 pack


Complete the CORREL experience with a branded drinking glass. Available to purchase for $15.00

Photo: Jamie Durrant

Photo: Jamie Durrant



Cocktail Recipes

2 measures CORRELL Blanc Aperitif
1 measure of Gin
1 measure of Vodka
Ice and Slice of Orange


Pour the CORRELL Blanc Aperitif, gin and vodka into the cocktail shaker. Add the ice. Shake vigorously for 8 to 10 seconds. Pour into the glass using a cocktail strainer. Squeeze the orange peel to release the flavour and place in the glass.

BARONIAL - from Richard @roctails

60ml CORRELL Blanc Aperitif
15ml of Gin
5ml of Cointreau 2 dashes of bitters

To Serve : twist of orange peel

Combine all ingredients in a jug and stir. Strain off ice and then garnish with the orange peel twist.


15ml CORRELL Blanc Aperitif
15ml of Gin
15ml of Campari 2 15ml Cinzano

To Serve : slice of orange

Combine all ingredients in a jug and stir. Strain off ice and then add fresh ice garnish with the orange slice.



The Real Review (Recommended 4 Stars)

Pale yellow, almost colourless. The aromas are fresh and vital and led by bitter vermouth herbs and citrus notes including grapefruit and lemon. The wine is fully sweet and again intensely-flavoured with bitter herbs - like an Italian vermouth, except that it's not dry. A very appealing flavoured wine, which would be best used as a mixer, although I could imagine enjoying sipping a small glass over ice. 

Huon Hooke 05 JAN 2019

Pick of the Vermouths  - Rated at No. 8

"Pretty in Pedro - Inspired by winemaker Mandy Jones's time in Bordeaux, learning how that region's famous Lillet automatised wine is produced, this is gently sweet, pretty white infused with orange rind, star anise and juniper. Serve chilled over ice."

Max Allen in Gourmet Traveller February 2017 

CORRELL: A New Start

"Rutherglen's Mandy Jones, of Jones Winery & Vineyard, has perfected a French-style aperitif wine that is light and aromatic.....There's a background sweetness and the warming sensation of 18 per cent alcohol. Add the naturally aromatic character of grapes grown in the Rutherglen region and you get a distinctively Australian aperitif."

Richard Cornish in Essentials magazine Summer 2016/17

The Winefront

“Totally delicious drink. As in, you know, totally gorgeous. It tastes of licorice, orange blossoms, mandarin and assorted sweet spices, is beautifully balanced, and while it certainly is laced with sweetness it finishes quite crisp, quite dry. It works best on ice though I first tasted it at room temperature and it had me at hello. Enough said.”

Campbell Matinson

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